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My Hypnobirthing Story


My first pregnancy ended in an early miscarriage, so during my second pregnancy I was filled with worry. I was convinced anything that could go wrong would go wrong, but I kept hearing this buzz word 'hypnobirthing'. Interested to know more, I went looking for answers and I wasn't disappointed. 

Hypnobirthing is basically a fancy word for a positive birth. It provides you with a toolkit of techniques to use during your labour with the aim to keep you feeling calm, relaxed and in control. No matter what turn your birthing journey takes, these techniques can help. These courses also provide a blueprint for researching those options that may be important to you when the time comes.

Hypnobirthing helped me shape my expectations and release my fears around pregnancy, birth and breastfeeding. I felt prepared for my children's birth because I knew my options and had already made choices well before the day I went into labour. Not only this, but this course has a strong focus on the birth partner's role and it empowered my husband to know what I needed from him on the big day.

At different times during my labours I gravitated towards different techniques, but I found focusing on the simple and gentle breathing methods consistently kept me on track. I had two beautiful, positive births with hypnobirthing where I felt strong and fearless. My goal now is to help other women nurture their power and spread the word of positive births. 

Margie xx

Fellow Lioness 


Why I do what I do:

I am passionate about positive thoughts and actions producing positive birth experiences for parents and birth partners.

By embracing the Hypnobirthing Australia™ Program, I believe you can harness your own power, release your fears and enjoy a positive birth no matter what turn your journey takes. 

Let me be your guide on the road to a positive birth.



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